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Adventure among the stars

Farsight is a science fiction “pen & paper” roleplaying game based on the Double Twevle (DD12) System ruleset, designed by Lightfish Games. The game aims to be a generic and versatile platform, simple but also powerful, able to cover any kind of science-fiction setting – from modern techno-thrillers to cyberpunk, from post-apocalyptic to space opera, and so on. The DD12 […]

All Playable Species

Finally all the playable species in the FARSIGHT Corebook have their own illustration! So we decided to make this “ensemble” to show you all of them together! Aren’t they super cool? 🤩

The Species of the Known Space

The Farsight RPG Core Rulebook will featured seven playable humanoid species. Here’s a brief description of them. _______________________________________________________ IRADIAN: Of the known species, iradians have been the first to have sailed among the stars, some say that it’s because of the deep bond they have with water. Their homeworld is almost fully covered with shallow oceans and, even though they […]

Ready for Kickstarter!

Hi everyone! We would like to announce the release of the new and shiny Farsight RPG quickstarter freely downloadable here on this website or at the following links: > English < > Italian <And with that we are also finally ready to land on Kickstarter. The campaign will start on February 2021 but you can follow it on Kickstarter right […]


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